Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second time around Packing List

Now our first trip, we were well UNinformed of how much India has to offer... product wise. We over packed in virtually every field. So this time, Jeffery has a new approach. (one I would recommend for all)

- camera (obviously)
- toothbrush & toothpaste (although you could find these anywhere, its just nice to always have it on you)
- 1 pair of comfy shoes and 1 pair of flip flops (and if you're like me, I also brought 1 pair of hiking sandals that were useful)
- sunglasses and a hat (don't forget you're super close to the equator for the most part)
- rain jacket or poncho (know the weather & season to the area you're traveling)
- any medications you may need (along with perscriptions just in case)
- money pouch/belt (always a good move)
- towel (if beats using clothes to dry off. Most budget places don't offer towels.. and if they do they're usually quite dodgey)
- MINIMAL CLOTHING (you can buy almost anything and everything there... cheap cheap! example: MY (marsha's) ali baba, baggy comfy travel pants, Rs 100, $2.25 Canadian)
- a few granola bars/snacks (food is def not scarce in India, but there are those days when your stomach needs a touch of home)
- 1-2 rolls of Toilet Paper (just in case your first few days are far from a toursity area)
- mosquito repellent (a net if you're going to be in the buggy areas during the buggy season)
- sunscreen (its there, but good to have your own)
- 2 locks: 1 pad lock (near impossible to find, and its good to have your own for hotels/guest houses) and 1 bike lock (for tying your pack up on long train rides_
- UV sterilization Pen (for killing ALL bacteria in the water. Instead of buying bottle after bottle of packaged water) SAVE THE EARTH!
- and last but not least.... The LONLEY PLANET BOOK (although we tried to minimize our dependence on it, it IS a great reference to have on hand)

Well, there you have it! Any questions or other suggestions?


  1. AAAND Anti Bacterial Gel

  2. Keep your cool Jeffery and enjoy the scenery.
    Good luck w the glasses!