Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

4 months later a whole new Delhi. As the commonwealth games are fast approaching Delhi is doing its best to look presentable for the rest of the world. The games are in October and the Indian government probably wants to do a job just like China did for the summer Olympics. Although I doubt India will come close to what china achieved in those Olympic games I have seen progress. The city streets are much cleaner than before which is helpful because Delhi is the dirtiest city in the world. As well I was very surprised by the amazing metro system that Delhi has created. This metro also goes a long way in teaching the Indians things that we westerners take for granted. Such as waiting in lines patiently paying at the toles and being civic on the metro. To make all this happen there are security guards every 10 feet blowing their whistles at people who are not waiting in line or who cross the magical yellow line saying your too close to the railroad tracks. Slowly but surely Indians will learn the rules that we take for granted which will make India a much more tame place.

I have come to find that Delhi is just a huge marketplace. I was walking through a market today called ??(ill find it out) and I realized that Delhi is just a real world Ebay. When your surfing through Ebay you come up on everything shirts, shoes, car parts, plastic tubing and the list goes on. Its exactly like that when your walking the streets of Delhi you walk through a maze of crap that replicates finding stuff on Ebay. And just like Ebay everything is fake!!

Until next time peace

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