Thursday, January 21, 2010

Delhi Arrival !

So i am in crazy Delhi!! I took 2 sleeping pills last night which knocked me out completely at 12 am in the morning Delhi time. I woke up this morning refreshed but still very tired. I have cut my hair and gotten a shave this morning now I am going to write many emails and then do some glasses hunting.

Funny story for you, actually its not funny it almost turned horrible. So, there is a new rule with Indian visas!! if you leave the country you are not allowed returning for 60 days. So I'm at the check point at the Delhi airport and they tell me they have to send me home. I didn't really panic maybe because i knew that this could just be something he made up. Anyways, they ended up keeping me there for 20 minutes, just trying to make me sweat, but I didn't. In the end I have to go to the Consolata here and tell them i am in India. Basically I am not suppose to be here so I am not really here I'm a ghost!!

SO now I am heading to this bazaar called Sadar bazaar which is 3 km from where I am staying.

All in all its ok here in Delhi. The harassment is so shit I totally forgot the annoyances but i tend to be pretty good at ignoring. Prices are high here because of the Commonwealth games fast approaching!!

I got so lucky my flight wasn't delayed check this link out

- Jeffery

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