Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving Further Inland..

To Bang bang Bangalore we go. From Mysore to here on the bus it took us about 2 hours. We ended up taking a "premium" bus. One that had a flat screen TV, and lucky for us, we were privileged with seeing our first true Bollywood movie. Wow, was that an experience. The acting in Bollywood is so over the top we found, and very unique to the Indian culture. Its really too hard to explain and you will all just have to watch a movie for yourselves.

Bangalore is the hub of India's booming IT industry, which is shows through its crazy traffic, rising pollution levels, and civic congestion. Although its a large city on the rise to get even bigger, the garden scene here is surprisingly amazing. We stayed there with Jeffery's family friend, Walter, who in fact is working there (from America). The neighbourhood we stayed at was nice, easily accessible to small things like gyms, supermarkets, etc, and also near by to a park.

The city itself isn't very touristy, and we found ourselves walking around a beautiful park, Cubbon Park, and then went to one of the huge malls to hang out in Crosswords (the common bookstore). While at the mall we were enlightened by a surprise excitement called the. "Scare House". WOW! I have never screamed so loud and grabbed onto the closest human beside me so hard in my life (or at least paid for it). I don't want to spoil the excitement so you'll have to head to Bangalore's malls to see for yourself.

From Bangalore we flew to Cochin, something that had to be done to get to our West Coast destination in the short time we had left.

Another interesting part about Bangalore is for the most part we felt like we fit into the general community... as in we didn't get as many stares and questions. The Indians in Bangalore are fairly advanced and have grew more accustom to our Westernized ways.

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